Mind in the Clouds by Kirk Marsh
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Mind in the Clouds

August 9, 2014

This shot is part of my 365 Project for 2014. I shot the cloud I'm sitting on in the Caribbean as well as the birds from the bow of the ship I was working on at the time. The shot of me was done in my room on the ship. I had to take two shots because I couldn't get the whole umbrella in the shot with the cramped space in my room. I shot myself with a Nikon SB900 or two to get the lighting to match.

6mm · f/2.8 · 1/320s · ISO 80
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Nasser Ali's picture

WOW! This one is so interesting. I love how you focused in each detail, the shadow under the model, the city scape behind the clouds. Keep it up :)

Kirk Marsh's picture

Thanks Nasser Ali! You've got amazing detail in your shots as well. Nice stuff!

Emmanuel Adjei's picture

you are kill me...........great job.

Archag Tchorbadjian's picture

What what? ART??? Not another naked chick in black and white with super-high contrast?? HERESY I SAY!