Storm Cloud at Loch Maree by David Russell
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Storm Cloud at Loch Maree

October 31, 2018

Loch Maree in the northern Highlands is a large freshwater loch surrounded my hundreds of square miles of some of the wildest land in Scotland. It's long been a favourite location, especially thanks to the imposing presence of Slioch - a vast pyramid shaped peak visible on the far right of the image.

On this occasion Slioch ended up playing only an incidental role in the image. I camped out beside the loch in hopes of enjoying a dramatic sunset and sunrise, but in the end these were pretty much non events. They certainly could not compare to the drama of the huge thunderclouds that swept up the loch during the afternoon, blowing waves along the surface of the water and growling with thunder.

I would, in retrospect, have enjoyed a bit more light on the foreground of this shot to make the island and trees really pop, but nonetheless I'm still really happy with it. Nature will do what it does, and you can only decide to enjoy it.

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