Fighter's Spirit by Justin Haugen
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Fighter's Spirit

Photos with a local mixed martial artist who fights in the UFC.

85mm · f/4.0 · 1/200s · ISO 400
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It's a great set-up, but I'm not keen on the specular highlight on the tip of his nose

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Thank you for the feedback, I overlooked that.

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Yeah, it's funny how we don't see things in our own photos - that's what I'm hoping to get from FS is that someone will see something I didn't and we all get better because of it. As I come from a cine background,I would have a fresnel (or really snooted studio strobe in this case) to pop a little pool of light on his face so we can make out features, see a bit of the eyes, and smooth out little bits like the shiny dot on the nose. You can then shoot it reasonably well lit on the face, and pull it down in post to suit the client and no noise penalty because you are throwing away light, not inventing it in Lightroom (= noise). Again, a great image Justin.