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Foggy Surprise

November 8, 2018

This is Krista, my girlfriend, I would say most of my photos are of her. She amazes me with every shoot and carries a natural intensity everywhere she moves. The photo is personal to me so I am biased, but her look brings a story to life.

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It seems that you two manage to find a refreshing collaboration in your work. You create an environment where Krista can safely explore deeper emotions. And she gives of herself in ways few models do. Garrett, you also seem to approach your subject in deeply honest ways. One the most refreshing aspects of your work is that you, and your muse, don't try to do what has been done -a zillion times before. You don't over post, over pose, over light, over style, over makeup, over everything. Your minimalist touch amplifies the connection of your work.
I'd say your work is some of the most intriguing I've seen in Fstoppers, maybe ever. Keep on creating.

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Minimalism or just natural is what I like to strive for with the majority of what I shoot. I enjoy real looking people and genuine moments. Thank you again!

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