Untitled Headshot by Jesse Merz
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Untitled Headshot

From my first ever portrait photo session. Working on my lighting and portraits. Taken in the living room of my 600sqft apartment with a single speedlite. Please leave feedback. I know it could use improvement, looking for critique.

85mm · f/1.8 · 1/50s · ISO 100
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Joel Wright's picture

Nice photo overall, definitely worthy of a portfolio.

The light on the model's face may be a tad too hot. The position and fill is great and I wouldn't change that a bit. Maybe try upping the ambient lighting? The model's pupils appear very large, which is a tell tail sign that the ambient light was too dim when the flash popped.

Nice work.

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Thanks Joel! Very helpful feedback. I didn't know about the pupil size - ambient was very dark so that makes sense.