Tiffany by Steven Markham
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I shot this on a black background with a small spotlight behind the model, along with two 120cm softboxes on either side, the right side softbox was a little straighter on to the model. We were really after this look after seeing this dress for the first time, all round really happy with the end result.

24mm · f/13 · 1/200 · ISO 100
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Beautiful! I love the dreamy flow this has!

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I love the way the light is caught by all the details, such as the pale fingernail on the right hand and the gentle sheen of the dress fabric. Once again, thanks for the lighting description - it's nice to share recipes, and I am encouraged to do so myself. Though your images are of a level worthy to be scrutinized and emulated in the best possible way. Now that I've made nice - I would suggest the left hand (ring finger) might have been cleaner if moved slightly back so as to not connect with the nose. But for me at least there are some things you live with, some you can't control - it's an observation not a a criticism.

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Thanks Deane, I appreciate your comments, I agree with you, unfortunately that day we were shooting fashion, but I love fine-art, so I asked the model for a few theatrical poses, this one was perfect, but her hand was just a little close :)