This shot was lit hard with a beauty dish with no diffusion and grids for direction. I have had previous shoots with similar art, however we have worked hard on lighting this shot specifically for the end result.

125mm · f/9.0 · 1/200s · ISO 200
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Sara Smoot's picture

Very cool!!

Steven Markham's picture

Thanks Sara :)

John Sheehan's picture

I keep coming back this photo. It's just breathtaking.

Steven Markham's picture

Thanks John, I'm happy you like it!

Ahmet Ergun Doğan's picture

is this a bodypainting work or photoshop?

Steven Markham's picture

Ahmet, it is a displacement map :)

Jason Ranalli's picture

Either way it is exquisite!! Amazingly refined work!!

Russell Bradley's picture

Simply amazing! :)

ryan miller's picture

very Artistic nice work

Anonymous's picture

really great work, and the lighting description was much appreciated

Ramon Vaquero's picture

Great work, very well done

Alen Kirn's picture

Very artistic and it has some kind of a metal shine which I like. This should be printed on some metallic silver paper.

Linus Pettersson's picture

This is awesome!

Giancarlo Clemente's picture

great work!

Eric Deitrich's picture

Beautiful on so many levels! Love it!

Juan Quevedo Jr's picture

love it! great lighting and the art is just amazing!

James Noble's picture

Great use of the displacement map, well chosen and very well suited. I particularly like the use of Shadow and Highlights in this image.

Steven Markham's picture

Thanks James, I'm happy you like it!

Farreno Ferguson's picture

awesome lighting and painting

Bogdan Zlatkov's picture

Brilliant photo! How does the displacement map work?

Ogedengbe Tobi John's picture

Love the artistic work