Cocktail Triangle by Juriy Kolokolnikov
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Cocktail Triangle

My latest shot for bartender, for a cocktails contest.

The challenge was to convey the atmosphere of rum and pirates. The client did not want to see a bottle of rum in the photo.

Cocktail story from bartendrer:
"I was inspired by history of rum origin. But exactly origin of rum triangle. That name I took as the base for name and concept of my cocktail. 3 of constituent can make triangle that changed the world. The taste of my cocktail is built on 3 edges. Top and solitary piece is rum Сaptain Morgan , second constituent is responsible for aftertaste – it is a coffee from Costa-Rica, third is the sherry Pedro Ximenez, that underlines the deepness taste of rum. Lime peal from east Africa is responsible for aroma in my cocktail. That is how triangle is born that binds history of rum origin and all the caribean country pool."

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