Siren by jerad armijo
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I took this in July of this year at the Oregon coast. I needed to wait till about 3:00AM for the milky-way to align properly for this shot. While I was waiting a gorgeous layer of low fog came through and covered up the sea, almost creating a optical illusion with the two rocks (Almost like a mountain covered in cloud).

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Call me crazy but I think it'd be a better picture without the milky way =)

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Hm Maybe I'll try editing one without the milkyway!

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WOW! I see what you were after, EXCELLENT attempt in my opinion, but had you been able to get another 8-10 feet in the air, and tilted forward a bit, to position the foreground "rock" just below the fogline, I think you would have nailed it!!!!! Of course, there was probably no safe way to get higher, I get that! ;)

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Thank you! However, there is no possible way for that option! Both sides of this rock drop 30++feet into the Pacific! I was hesitant about even doing this tbh. Some people have lost their lives here unfortunately!!