The Keyhole by Tomás Sánchez
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The Keyhole

December 28, 2018

This photo was taken during a trip to Iceland, in march 2018. A month before taking this picture, I was in the same place but with very different weather conditions. That windy day the sky was very cloudy, so cloudy that you could hardly know where the sun was going to come from. That day I did not take a good picture, but I knew that a month later I would travel to Iceland again and I could go back to this place , so I thought that then I would have to try again.

The morning I took this picture was very different from the one I had a month before. I knew exactly where the Sun was going to come from, so I imagined what kind of photo I was going to be able to take. What I did not think was that the sunlight would pass under the arch and give us such a beautiful view. It was like the sun drawing a keyhole in the sea. Something I did not expect to find, but something I was very happy to find.

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