Dumbest Luck Shot of my Career. by Andrew Wiest
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Dumbest Luck Shot of my Career.

Complete dumb luck, just happened to throw the camera up a the right time while I was still trying to dial settings... somehow managed to pull it off.

39mm · f/7.1 · 1/250 · ISO 125
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You know the saying, Andrew - "the more I do, the luckier I get".

You were there, with camera. I wasn't. Sob.

Great image! Your car? Mitsubishi GSR or related model originally?

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Thanks man! actually its a Chrysler Conquest, not mine. Its currently one of the fastest grudge race cars on the east coast and if im not mistaken the fasted quarter and eight mile record holder for all conquests (granted it has an lsx motor in it now lol.