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This is McArthur Burney Falls in northern Cali. The river feeding this is run off from Mt. Shasta, and as the water makes it's way down stream, the layered, porous basalt directs water underground, which forms a large reservoir. At the waterfall pictured here, the water that is running underground pours out of the side of the rock face, in addition to the river pouring over the top. It makes for a pretty amazing waterfall. The misty air caught the rays of the days last sunlight in late afternoon on this August day. It was a quick stop I made while on my way up to Oregon for a month long meander through the state.

14mm · f/11.0 · 1/25s · ISO 50
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Nice Job

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This is great! Did you use a filter on the lens when you were shooting? Also what time of day was it?

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Hi Lani, I used a polarizer. This was late afternoon, maybe around 6.

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Great shot! I really like the movement in the water and the kind of crispness you added to it.