The last Breath by Tomás Sánchez
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The last Breath

January 6, 2019

The photograph that I want yo show you today was taken during the trip to the Lofoten Islands that I made in March 2017. One afternoon, the people with whom I traveled to Norway and I decided to go to Vareid, a small town on the islands. In that area we had seen before that some very good pictures had been taken by very good photographers.

The truth is that we arrived a short time before the sunset, so if we wanted to get the last rays of the sun, we should be quite fast.

When we got there we saw that there were certain areas covered with snow, virgin snow, because a couple of nights before it had been snowing abundantly in Lofoten. So, we quickly approached this area, because the sun was going to disappear. In these moments you have the feeling that the sun moves faster than usual.

Finally I found a place that I liked, I put my tripod, my filters in the camera, I focused, I adjusted parameters and shot 3 or 4 photos in which I could capture those last rays of sun, that last breath of sun life ... that day :-)

22 · f/22 · 1/5 · ISO 200
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