Widebody Dodge Hellcat by Jimmy Zhang
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Widebody Dodge Hellcat

January 9, 2019

Widebody Dodge Hellcat shot at a lakeside boat ramp. I tried to take advantage of some less than ideal weather and really get some mood in the image to match the nature of the car.

f/10 · variable · ISO 100
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Thomas Boudewijn's picture

Great shot and moody edit! Love it!

Nnam Mono's picture

The red color and the clouds, hot combination. 👍👍

Mark Rutt's picture

Nice! is this one shot, or a composite/blend?

Jimmy Zhang's picture

multiple exposures and a sky swap

Mark Rutt's picture

brilliant - can't wrap my head around the process of this, but the results are magnificent

Eran Cohen's picture

Beautiful shot, mate! Can you explain how you managed to acheive such a wonderful shot?

Ara H.'s picture

Great shot and lovely edit!

Lee Morris's picture


Josh Cline's picture

With a gloomy dark background it fits the vehicle, and makes the color pop for that extra bit of contrast. I like it!

Przemek Lodej's picture

Fantastic capture. Color, mood, angle. Everything here is top notch.

Przemek Lodej's picture

Is there a way to get a large resolution from you? I've shown this to a few guys at the FCA studios and they really like it.

EUGENE CAASI's picture