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Mobius Arch and Meteor-Milky Way Composite

The composite combines three photos from three different times and locations. The arch is from Alabama Hills shot in the day. The milky way is part of a pano shot in the Panamint Valley of Death Valley. And the meteor was from a 8600 feet in the White Mountains, CA during the August meteor shower. The composite was made in Photoshop. Camera body, Canon 6d, astro shots with Rokinon 24 mm, arch shot with Tamron 24-70mm at 29 mm. Milky Way shot: 20 sec, ISO 3200,f1.4. Meteor shot: 15 sec, ISO 2000, f1.4. Arch shot: 1/60 sec, ISO 100, f13.

24mm and 29mm · f/1.4,13 · 1/60 sec, 15 sec, 20 · ISO 100, 2000, 3200
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@cliffmueller Thanks!

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Really appreciate #potD. Thanks