Serenity by Robert Wagner
Robert Wagner's picture


My goal for this year is to slow down. Take time to think about what I’m doing and why. In life and in photography. I love light and I want to study it more. Practice different set ups and find what I love. I shot a series of portraits with @serenityrogers_ inspired largely by classical paintings. We shot for nearly 2 hours and when we were down I had less than 200 images. Which for me is crazy. I typically can get up to 200 in about 5 minutes. But I slowed down we talked about the pose and what we were going for and I got some images that I’m really happy with and it wasn’t just luck this time. It’s slowing down, communication and of course a great model!

This is a two light set up with a flag and and reflector added. @paulcbuff alienbee with @westcottlighting beautydish camera left with a black flag blocking the light from her body and left side of face. Overhead was a large 7’ westcott umbrella with another alienbee and a large reflector camera right for some extra fill.

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