A new Light by Tomás Sánchez
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A new Light

February 2, 2019

In March 2017 I travelled to Lofoten Islands, in Norway. Some friends of mine had told me to travel there because it was told that this place was an incredible one if you want to see Northern Lights, (and I wanted to).

We spent one week there, and this week was really fantastic. Moreover we were very lucky. Auroral activity was very high during that week, and besides that the weather was really good. So we took advantage of it.

The night I took this photo was another incredible one in which I could enjoy the green lights. I and my friends were to a place in Reine where we could put our tripods and cameras very close to the sea and shoot once and again. We spent around one hour in this place.

I remember that we were not alone. There were two chinese guys who were shouting because of the beauty of the moment. I can understand that reaction because, believe me, it was amazing.

14 · f/2.8 · 10s · ISO 3200
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