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Model with a double bass

A rather simple boudoir shot I like. Captured while standing on a ladder with a Canon 5D mkiv, 24-105 f4 at 1/160, f10, iso 100 and a single strobe.

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Hi Marissa,
I find this shot intriguing. I feel I am viewing someone who has a love of something, in this case music, but somehow it has taken hold of her in a not so good way, maybe she's a perfectionist who will never find her perfection in her playing. That may not be what your story was, but I am enjoying this piece for making me stop and think about it and have a care for this person. I would love to see a bit more detail on the bottom half of the instrument and her left foot, as well as just a bit more of her hair, but overall I like the extra deep shadows and the definition they are providing. Very moody.

Bravo ~