Dawn on Rothiemurchus by David Russell
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Dawn on Rothiemurchus

In May 2017 the Highlands enjoyed a rare 5 day stretch of perfect weather. Despite having to work all week I couldn't ignore the opportunity to enjoy such perfect light conditions. So each evening after work I would head out into the woods, pitch up my tent and await the sunrise. I would be up at 4.30am in order to be ready for the rising sun around 5.30, then head back to the office for another day of work. The combination of tiredness and such amazing experiences left me feeling euphoric for days. It was an extra sweetener that my 30th birthday fell during that week.

This was the first morning; a morning I'll never forget in my favourite place in all the world. As the morning sun rose into the sky the slight frost of the night turned to mist and filled the glen, so the sun cast rays of shadow across the land.

It's an amazing feeling to be up early watching the sun rise, knowing that almost everyone else is still safely tucked up in bed and will have no idea it even happened. To still be out at the end of that same day 18 hours later for sunset is even better. Make the most of it while it lasts.

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Great misty landscape. Nice job!