Orthagonal Twist by Bavarian DNA
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Orthagonal Twist

One of the famous buildings in Hong Kong among photographers. Been exploring the area of Ping Shek Estate and its surroundings. I was lucky to be alone there for a decent time, so I couldn't just leave the place without capturing this frame.

This Is a composite image of 2 photographs.

One is for the building
Second for the plane (Taken from a stock images Online).

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This is impressive, how did you come up with adding the airplane tho, pretty smart. I am considering travelling out of my region to collect these sort of breathtaking existences.

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I do from time to time composite images which i enjoy doing and love too. Its logic for me to fill a sky either with clouds on cloudless day or any thing that flies since its air we are talking about. I have another composite of the same image but with crossed ladders instead of an airplane.

I wish you all the joy travelling mate and just make a research on the locations you wanna visit so you can visualize the frames you want.

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I'll be sure to keep that in mind.

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Did you try and recreate that very controversial shot that Nikon awarded? Caused a bit of a stir since it was also comped in the same way you did yours.


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Hi Z, thanks for the question. Simply no but its in many ways looks that i did, but im leaning toward composite images and at the time of editing this frame i felt it would make sense to have something to fill the blown highlights. Logically i was deciding between birds or an airplane and went with the 2nd one. I had a lot of people also asking me about that. But as you can see, if i do manipulate my images, i make sure to state it. For me its an ethic thing and the right way.

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I think that is the point. I like the comp it is great.

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This is so amazing!!!