Death Valley Kilns by Matt Chesebrough
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Death Valley Kilns

In the late 19th Century these kilns were constructed to make charcoal used in Borax processing. These unique, beautiful kilns are still in great shape.

I spent four hours of shaping light to create this image. I placed a single light in each of the kilns. Moving the light from kiln to kiln until I had finished the work. Afterward, I worked with placing the light at various angles to provide some highlights to the individual shapes. The night sky is a composite of 10+ images using Starry Landscape Stacker to clean up noise.

Being in Death Valley with snow on the ground was a pretty special experience. I'm glad to have had the chance to feel the cold and spend hours under the night sky.

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What kind of the light have you used for this one?

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I used a variable temperature led that is used for web videos. Viltrox L116T is the make and model. It provides 3300K - 5600K color temperature and variable power 20-100%. This was my first time using this light and I was impressed.