Autumn by Bjørn - Audun Myhre
March 8, 2019

Autumn.. a lovely time of year to shoot some nature pictures, this is from a small place called Vatnestrøm closed to Kristiansand in Norway :)

was kind of lucky whit this one.. I had pack down my gear when the sun suddenly breach trough the clouds.. was quick to get up my gear and shot a couple of shot before the sun left again.. :)

shot whit canon 6d + sigma 24mm art and 6 stop nd filter

24mm · f/10.0 · 15s · ISO 50
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David Westmoreland's picture

I'm new to photography. Why did you shoot a longer exposure with ND filter instead of normal exposure without ND filter? Does its give camera more time to pick up detail?

Bjørn - Audun Myhre's picture

No You got a point there :) i dident have to use Nd filter here :) No its Just get the exposure longer :)