Mask by Steven Markham

This is a shot from a few weeks ago at a fashion shoot, we specifically shot this with harder light using a beauty dish with grids and do diffusion, it really helps shooting these face art images with hard light, it allows the light to fall off the face fast, giving different texture as the light disappears.

180mm · f/11 · 1/160 · ISO 100
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Ruzely Abdullah's picture


Steven Markham's picture

Thanks Ruzely, I'm glad you like it!

Anonymous's picture

Really tasty work, as always, Steve! I really dig the subtlety of the catch light in her eyes - the angle of your beauty dish was perfect - any more and it would have drawn the attention back to the eyes, and off the skin.

Steven Markham's picture

Thanks Deane, I'm really happy you notice these things, it was really important not to blow her eyes out with light, thanks again!

Eric Adeleye's picture

Beautiful work.

Sascha Pihan's picture

Amazing. How do they draw these detailed patterns on the skin?

Steven Markham's picture

Thanks! It's a displacement map in Photoshop.