Downward Facing Human by Emile Husson
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Downward Facing Human

March 16, 2019

I wish I had gotten this shot in time for the "Strength" CTC. I really enjoyed the juxtaposition of the two figures in a relaxed beach environment.

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If you are going to just throw 1 or 2 stars up and tell me that a picture needs work, I'd dearly love to learn from you. Is it framing? Composition? Subject?

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See my post on your second tern (?) image, Emile. I think this picture speaks for itself, and what work would greatly improve it, I can't see. It's all about the scene, and the moment, like all reportage & documentary work. You've caught a brief moment perfectly. Well done.

It would work as a monochrome, since it's about the similarities & contrasts in the two subjects' forms. But converting it thus is not the "work" it "needs".

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I appreciate that. I was grateful that the subject allowed me to catch her in such a vulnerable state. (I think it helped that my wife was with me). I found out later that she had suffered a serious head injury several months before and was told she would have a hard time walking. She set out to defy the prognosis, and did it!

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Very well spotted and executed, and very funny without ridiculing. Well done.