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Sundown gaze...

I feel that it is vital to realize that #inspiration can be found literally anywhere. Wherever you look, whatever you hear or feel - everything can inspire, just as long you start noticing instead of disregarding the life around you. It’s really simple, though - first you start observing, then you get inspired
Where does your photographic inspiration come from?

85mm · f/2.0 · 1/800s · ISO 500
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Dreamy feel in the shot!

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Thanks a lot!

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So beautiful - I love the color palette.

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Many thanks for your feedback!

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Congrats on 'photo of the day' - richly deserved!

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Oh, you are so kind, thank you so much!

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:) thanks!

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You are very talented and definitely have a discernible style. Love your work. Looking at more of your images your lighting is excellent. Can you share how you are so consistent?

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Paul, thank you so much for your feedback! I firmly believe there are no overnight results when it comes to consistency. Consistency is about making gradual changes and improvements over time. The exact results you are after will eventually happen when you commit yourself to consistency-in-action. You have to develop a "gut" feeling that will guide you in achieving your signature style. More info on my editing process: http://www.liliaalvaradophotography.com/video-library1.html

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These vignette from below are a bit exaggerated, and sun rays act somewhat unnatural on this fabulous photo.

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:) Hey, thanks for your input! I am more than happy with "my exaggerated and unnatural" style.

Radisa Zivkovic's picture

If you're happy, I'm also :)
(only thing I did not commented about your style).
But if you want me to think about it, you are like the majority, "style over substance"...

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You commented about my work and my image processing choices. Well, that makes up my style of work, my signature look... you name it. Don't over think it and concentrate on your own work.

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Next time you write in the description that does not receive criticism as a comment. I wish I knew it earlier.

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:) I think the Majority of people aware that there is no need for CC if the person does not request it. The Majority respects and appreciates the artistic vision and creative choices of others. There are groups and forums dedicated just for CC.

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I love it moving from darkness into the light!👍

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I really like the contrast with the lens flare breaking through the heave vignette.

charles warren's picture

This shot sets my soul on fire. Great !!!!!

Deleted Account's picture

Very nice image, but this skyline over the trees o_O …

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nice lighting great shot