Red Cross Campaign by Felix Hernandez
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Red Cross Campaign

March 25, 2019

Who says that working with small scenarios can not contribute to big causes. This is the first image included in one of 3 spots for movie theaters , The title: "Earthquake", for the national campaign 2019 of the Mexican Red Cross. The Red Cross is always there, with us, in case we need it, but the Red Cross also needs our help. This project is inspired by real cases where the Red Cross is also affected by various causes when coming to our aid. The concept, like the video, was developed by Geometry Mexico and I was in charge of the production of the dioramas as well as the final arts. (photography and post). You can see the Cinema Spot in the following link:

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Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

I love your work and your ideas! Amazing!

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Hey Eugene.... Very much appreciated man!.... Thanks you!

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I just love the fact that everything about this was done in-camera. Really gorgeous shot. I see a lot of imitations but not all come close. Keep up the good work!

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Really marvelous work