Classic shot of Bled lake at dawn, Slovenia. Time blending multiple exposures from early blue hour to sunrise.

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Stefan Thomas's picture

Absolutely astonishing! Wow!

Radisa Zivkovic's picture

Thanks so much!

hasan sarmad's picture

oh man just looking to this shot make me relax, great shot.

Radisa Zivkovic's picture

Glad you like it Hasan. thanks a lot!

Elizabeth Yorick's picture

Wow!! I'm so jealous! My daughter's been there and stayed in one of the ritzy hotel's on the lake. I've seen her photo's of the church on the lake but your shot is Fabulous!! Hopefully, some day I'll get the chance to see it in person.

Radisa Zivkovic's picture

I want you to achieve wish for visiting this amazing place, and almost all of Slovenia is beautiful. Thanks so much Elizabeth!