Our History by Bobby Wood
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Our History

Our History, where has it gone to? This old Road Runner gas pump has been restored to bring our History back.

ZTE Z835
2.93mm · f/2.1 · 1/1400s · ISO 100
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Chris Jablonski's picture

Love this one, Bobby! You make it look so monumental. And that sombre mood, not depressing, but maybe sad or nostalgic. You certainly pull something magic out of somewhere, somehow. It's hard to pin down why - which makes it all the better!

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Your so right Chris! I did it this way because our History is being forgotten and in this fast pace world we live in I wanted to capture it in very suttle tone... Thank you so much!

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dear chris, i am wanting to buy me a tablet, to help me with my photo editing, but dont know which one you would recomeNd for me to get? I have a toshiba laptop with windows 10 home edition 64bit! Can you please help me?

Chris Jablonski's picture

Hi Bobby! Good to hear from you. Sorry, but I don't have a tablet, either the iPad or the Wacom type. Your editing looks pretty damn good anyway, but I understand the appeal.

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Well thanks for the vote of confidence man on my editing that is one thing everybody says I'm really good at so I do appreciate it Chris I have some new photos to post that I'm going to post here later today or this week have a good one I hope your fourth was good