First portrait attempt by Joseph Ruotolo
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First portrait attempt

May 2, 2019

I would really appreciate constructive criticism

Sony A7iii 50mm
1/3200 ISO100 F1.8

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Claudiu Ion's picture

I don't know what you want to achieve with this portrait, but assuming you want it to be a pleasing, flattering portrait here are my consideration. The skin seems underexposed, the light wasn't placed well. Her face is round and this pattern of lighting (broadlighting) makes her even rounder. The chin up posing is unnatural and combined with your lower position of camera make her face shorter. If you've asked her to turn her head on her left and lower her chin, you've had a better lighting on her face (shortlighting) and a thinner face. Also, in that case you've had a bit better composition with your model looking into the frame, not outside.

Joseph Ruotolo's picture

Thank you for the feedback, I would say your assumption is accurate. Her and her mother were kind enough to let me practice, so I definitely did not want to make her look unpleasing.