Grey by Alejandro Penner
May 15, 2019

Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Nikon D750
35mm • f/3.5 • ISO 160

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David Perman's picture

This is a strong image. I recently was told about a photographer called Jeroen Peters. He is astonishing at photographing architecture and I think you may appreciate his work.

Alejandro Penner's picture

oh man, Thanks! and thanks for the suggestions, he does have really cool stuff!!

Francisco B's picture

Nice image. The interesting part of this shot is obviously the armadillo like glass. I would consider zooming in and getting rid of the foundation for two reasons: it will create a stronger focus on the subject matter & you wont have all those verticals that are pointing in different directions.

Alejandro Penner's picture

thanks, and thanks for the advice! I shall try that 👍

David Pavlich's picture

Coming to you from Winnipeg. I've shot this place inside and out. Some fun shooting on the inside. Nicely done!

David Perman's picture

I think it's interesting when multiple photographers come across the same locations like this.

Alejandro Penner's picture

Oh man thanks David Pavlich , and that's awesome! I live just outside of the city, and always wanted to shoot that building, it's absolutely beautiful!

David Perman's picture

Nice job on making it on the editor pics.

Alejandro Penner's picture

Thanks! I’m not worthy lol

dale clark's picture

Fantastic shot. Plus, I love B&W Architecture. I shoot Architecture for a living and wish my clients liked B&W as much as I do.

Alejandro Penner's picture

Thank you very much, and me too, I like B&W images in general, and I find that I always like them more than my clients too haha