Kelly Baker moto whip by Tom Beckman
Tom Beckman's picture

Kelly Baker moto whip

May 30, 2019

Kelly Baker with a moto whip on main line at the famous Baker's Acres

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Mario Montañés's picture

This was your 'other photo' I was referring to when I commented the half-pipe one. I`m sorry I hadn´t seen all the other stuff, which is great.

Tom Beckman's picture

Yeah everyone seems to like this one. To me its just my friend riding the trails he built and i grew up rider. Its a pretty simple photo. Just a single light in the bushes to his right. But everyone (outside of that contest haha) kind of goes wild when they see it.
It's a pretty well known set of trails, and kelly was a pretty well known pro in the 90s. So it does hold a lot of nostalgia for a lot of the bmx community. I dont think its amazing I'd say a solid 3, but a lot of time its what the photo means that makes it great not just good. People outside of bmx wouldn't understand what this photo means. Ya know.