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Shawnee Oasis

This property is right in the middle of suburbia Shawnee, KS but feels completely isolated. Sitting on 6 acres of land and surrounded by massive trees, it feels like the closest neighbor is miles away.

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Spot on, really good shot for the house.

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Thank you very much Dario!

Thomas Vasas's picture

Very beautiful!!!

Matthew Anderson's picture

I appreciate that Thomas!

José Luis Musi's picture

I like this very much! Great work, it invites me to look for that place and have a long relaxing stay.

Matthew Anderson's picture

You might be able to do that actually. I think the homeowner actually has it listed on Airbnb

José Luis Musi's picture

Seems great! I'll look for it. Thanks!

Anthony Robin's picture

Love the details in this shot!

Tom Grebouski's picture

That's good stuff! On the nitpicky side I might fix the yellow spot in the foreground of the driveway - otherwise I gotta ask, sky replacement?

Matthew Anderson's picture

Its a blend actually. One is the real sky from that evening blended with one I took on vacation in the Caribbean. Added the vacation one to add a bit more cloud texture.

dale clark's picture

Great shot.

Jared Wolfe's picture

You hose down the driveway to get some extra sheen and reflection on the driveway? Beautiful shot.

Matthew Anderson's picture

Thank you Jared. Actually, no...we didn't wet the driveway. Those bricks has some kind of smooth, semi-glossy finish to them. Or it might have been a smooth stamped concrete now that I think about it.

Renard McGhee's picture

This is perfection. How many exposures did this require? And do you use Photoshop to blend or do you prefer another application?

Matthew Anderson's picture

Thanks Renard! This is a blend of roughly 30 or so exposures in Photoshop.

Tom Piaf's picture

I like it a lot. Show more, Shawnee!

craig hildebrand's picture

wow,, home run... i think you nailed everything... did you light paint the fountain and landscaping island with strobes or a continuous light source?

Matthew Anderson's picture

Thank you very much Craig! I did that with a continuous light. I have the poor man's GL1 hotlight...a Ryobi 18v LED spotlight

Pål-Harald Uthus's picture

Really great work!