Sunny Shroom by Ruth Carll
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Sunny Shroom

June 10, 2019

This is water soluble suminagashi ink in water. I use this ink because of the very reason these images sometimes get constructive criticism about focus. That is that the ink is dissolving rapidly into the water and therefore has a soft, ephemeral and surreal look. The inks are dropped in at different rates and through an oil barrier which provides some control. Then I flip the final image to be 'trees'. Enjoy!

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fo - tik's picture

I do like the blue and yellow blending Ruth. It appears that the yellow ink remains mostly coherent, while the blue is wispy and blended. Is this because blue was introduced first, so was in the solution longest?

Either way, I think you can have a concept of how these might turn out but the final image would seem to benefit greatly from serendipity. And when abstraction is the goal, this is a good thing! IMHO.

Ruth Carll's picture

Thanks for the suggestion. It is true that i never know exactly how these are going to go. But, i have to admit that i should have expected this. I added a little heavy cream to the yellow to give it substance and not to the blue. I just wasnt thinking! Just means more to try in the future!

Eddy Waddel's picture

Colours are exhilarating.. Ruth you pick some really nice subtle colours...and i love them..

Ruth Carll's picture

Thanks Eddy! It was a long rainy day so there are more color combos to come. Just didnt want to post them all at once. I always appreciate your encouragement!