Committed Salesman by Eddie Johnson
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Committed Salesman

June 14, 2019

Street Vendor selling handmade items in the middle of the Desert, Israel.

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Help me understand 2 star, what do I need to work on? thanks for constructive crit

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Hi Eddie... no accounting for taste, with regard to the two-star hit and runs.

I'm not well-versed in street photography, but your composition is fine. Your subject's head is on the intersection of the upper left lines on a rule-of-thirds grid.

The vignetting is a bit distracting for me, but that's about me... not your artistic choices.

I'm moved by the expression you captured. I can see the man's confidence and strength of character.

Try not to get hooked by the no-comment raters... but if you are playing the game for stars... delete the image, then repost. You'll find your people here. The chaff blows away. :)

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Thanks that is what I was looking for. Stars don't tell you the whole picture. I've asked admins for a more constructive star system. i.e. star breakdown like 1-5 for sharpness, 1-5 for color, 1-5 for like or dislike. This is based on helping me with getting better, the stars don't bother me, they just don't tell me the actual problem so it doesn't do a lot for education.

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love so much the expresion