Xanny by Image Faktory
September 23, 2014
70mm · f/4.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Gabriel Cruz's picture

Nice shot. Interesting outfit. Well done.

robert bates's picture

Agreed, outfit is way out there, love it. Fabulous work.

dolla boi's picture

great outfit. love the 3-d style editing

dolla boi's picture

Hey can you send me a before and after of this image, thanks again. (email is dollaboi954@yahoo.com)

Image Faktory's picture

Hi Dolla, I'm looking for the original, this is a shot a did a long time ago. Don't remember where I put the original disc.

dolla boi's picture

oh its no problem . that image just happen to be one of my favorites from your work. dont worry about if the originals were misplaced thanks anyways again.

dolla boi's picture

will you ever make a tutorial or youtube video on how to editing like this? (this 3-d style/anime look)

Image Faktory's picture

Hmmm , Never really planned to do one .

dolla boi's picture

lol i understand. but thanks anyways greatly appreciate the reply

Private Cire's picture

Kudos to you and the model. Took something that could have been crass and redundant and made it pop. Your model doesn't back down she owns every pixel of this shot and because of that we are riveted to the image. Modern art. Love it.

Jay Smith's picture

This is very cute. The body position, lighting & model are excellent. Thank you for sharing this image.

Image Faktory's picture

Thank you . Honestly this was just a test shot, she was on her mobile and I just wanted to test the lighting. Great results just for a test.

Brian Gibbs's picture

That is a beautiful picture.