Autumnal by Jessica Drossin
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A simple portrait of one of my children's babysitters, who is also a model and actress. It was shot just up the hill from me approximately one hour before sunset. I am purely a natural light photographer and do not use reflectors.

Shot with my Canon 5D Mark III and my 85mm 1.2L lens. Processed in Photoshop using my own actions.

85mm · f/1.2 · 1/160s · ISO 500
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Prefers Film's picture

I like everything about it. Good job preserving skin texture and delicate tones. As much as I like to shoot wide open, I would have stopped down a bit, so her hair and hand wouldn't go so soft.

Bruce Edwards's picture

Great capture. Love the palette. And I'm a fan of shooting wide open as you've done beautifully here.

chrisrdi's picture

This such a lovely image!!! It has such a delicate feel to it. Excellent work!

Paul Szilard's picture

Stunning! Beautiful...