The despair of Johnstown, Pennsylvania by Shannane Anglemyer
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The despair of Johnstown, Pennsylvania

This is a photo of a random building located in Johnstown Pennsylvainia. This was where I grew up and when I returned after 20+ years. The town has not only deteriorated structurally. It's has deteriorated as a community. Heroin has taken a very strong hold here. Taking my little brother at the age of 38. This is what my broken heart felt like. A broken, sad, cold, hard shell of what it used to be.

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Dear Shannane. That you for the posting of a picture of Johnstown. I was born there in 49. And thanks for what you said about home. I have not been there since 67, I was in the USAF as a 2nd Lt, back in 1970 to 72. I flew on B-52's.
Thanks again and thanks for your service.