The Whaligoe Steps by Robert Gree
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The Whaligoe Steps

The first time I went there was the evening before this shot was taken, dark grey light, dull weather - but an impressive subject. Built over 230 years ago and used as a harbour, I met Davy living close by, the grad son of the last fishermen using the harbour. He and his cousins now take care of the steps and renovate them to keep them safe and accessible.

I went down the steps to get some impressions and decided to come back the next morning to capture it during sunrise. I got up at around 5am and made my way to this side, without any fences or safeguard, only the wind, wet grass and the cliff. This is my favourite shot of the pictures I took that morning, stitched out of seven raws, shot on the 24-70 at 24mm, f8, 1/50s, ISO 100 with the Nikon D750.

24mm · f/8.0 · 1/50s · ISO 100
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