Ectophasia crassipennis by Marcin Świostek
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Ectophasia crassipennis

September 24, 2019

Ectophasia crassipennis.
The beauty and the beast in one.
The bead of water hanging off her her is something I only noticed when looking at the photos at home.
23rd September 2019 @ Puszcza Niepołomicka, Poland
© 2019 Marcin Świostek

Canon 5D II
75mm (reversed lens) · f/16 · ISO 1600
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Wow, Marcin... a fly charmer, eh? The detail on the eyes is amazing. The short depth of field makes the fly look huge.

I'm not a bug person in general, but the flying ones intrigue me. Spiders and cockroaches... not so much.