Seagull on the Margaret Todd by Aaron Priest
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Seagull on the Margaret Todd

October 19, 2014

I took this on September 25, 2014, at 7:03 AM after sunrise of a seagull sitting on one of the Margaret Todd’s masts in Bar Harbor, Maine. 400mm, f/45, ISO 100, 1/8000 second shutter. “f/45?!!” you ask? Yup! I was handholding my 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II with a TC-20E III 2x teleconverter, which doubles both the focal length and the aperture. So f/22 becomes f/45. I was already at ISO 100 (which is extended beyond the normal base ISO of 200 on my Nikon D700), and 1/8000 shutter shooting directly into the sun, and I didn’t dare take the time to get my tripod and 10 stop ND filter out of the truck before the bird flew away. ;-)

400mm · f/45.0 · 1/8000s · ISO 200
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