Mountain Mirror by Jakob Alecu de Flers
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Mountain Mirror

October 4, 2019

Pano shot from the famous Vestrahorn. Pretty lucky with that reflection, as we didn't see anything in the morning because of low clouds and mist

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Andreas Korfmann's picture

this is amazing!

Jakob Alecu de Flers's picture

Thank you so much Andreas! Really appreciated :)

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Sam Ly's picture

A perfect shadow!

Robert Anderson's picture

very calm day...whenever I've been there it's been 30+mph winds LOL

Jakob Alecu de Flers's picture

Yea we were very lucky :) when we arrived in the morning for sunrise we didn’t see anything because of the fog. After a breakfast and another try we were blessed with this view 🥳

Marcus Nolte's picture

Nice composition! The reflection is incredible...