Autumn mirror by Denis Smajic
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Autumn mirror

For me, the unexplored parts of nature ultimately attract the most attention and possess the highest degree of beauty. One such mostly unexplored and less visited little corner of nature is the spring/source of the river Krušnica near the town of Bosanska Krupa. It is almost impossible to describe its beauty, and especially the peace, serenity and well-being you feel when you are in front of it.

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Marko Medić's picture

Nadam se da se nisi smrzo, na Vrelu je uvijek bilo ledeno, čak i usred ljeta!

Denis Smajic's picture

Nisam za cudo, cak sam i uspio sici dole skroz do vode (malo riskantno) ali super. :)

Marko Medić's picture

Svaka čast, nastavi ovim tempom i samo kači nove slike!!!!