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Zombie Apocalypse

I really like horror movies and I wanted to create a scene with a dark and apocalyptic atmosphere.

To try to achieve my goal I used some materials to build a diorama and use a scale model with some modifications.

For the diorama I used sandpaper to simulate the street, I built the walls and the sidewalk with plaster and the tubes on the walls I made them with straws.

To modify the car I sanded and painted it with the salt chipping technique andI hit it sometimes to create a wear effect.

To illuminate the scene I used the ligth painting technique. I turned off all the lights in the room and just illuminated the scene with a small lamp.

To get the final picture I had to mix 2 photos, one of the whole scene and other only of the light inside the truck and then some digital manipulation to add the red hands and color grading in Photoshop.

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Absolutely incredible! Love the concept and flawless execution.

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Thank so much Chase Hirt !!!

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Was the handprints on the car inspired by Felix Hernandez (Hernandez Dreamography) and his Love Bug photograph?

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No, actually I placed the red hands to reinforce the idea that it was an image about zombies, but of course I know Felix's work, thanks to him I discovered this type of photography, I love his work :)

Chase Hirt's picture

Same here! I was inspired to start shoot miniature cars and build dioramas from his amazing work.