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The Bend

Some places are just so captivating that you can't help coming back to explore again and again to find all the hidden gems it has to offer. Hours were spent bumping down dirt roads getting to know every crest and valley and then planning to get the perfect shot. So many variables had to be accounted for to bring this dream into reality and it surpassed every expectation I set for it. It almost seemed like Mother Nature rewarded my perserverance to witness such incredible beauty that night allowing for clear skies in late October. I almost didn't care that the thermometer read 10 degrees FarenheitšŸ„¶šŸ„¶šŸ„¶
Nikon D850
Nikon 20mm F1.8
3Leggedthing Albert Equinox Tripod
ISO 10000, F3.2, 15s x 18 stacked

20mm · f/3.2 · 15s · ISO 10000
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I can feel every bump in the road. What a magnificent reward. Wow... and then some. The airglow lines are amazing.

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3 hours from home and I couldn't have felt more "at home". I spent all year figuring this one out so thank you very much for your comment. I too couldn't get over the lines from the airglow, they acted as fingers reaching north.

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I have one piddly airglow line in a shot I got in northern PA... but your lines. On my list to get on camera one day.

Do you know about the Photopills app? Worth the 20 bucks or so. I didn't understand all the stuff those crazy cool Spaniards put into the program at first, but now... gets me within a few feet of the set up I want. Even used it to navigate some locations on my NZ trip.

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Don't think the airglow lines are captured magically somehow, they are random and grow in intensity with humidity, atmospheric conditions, and temperature so they are highly volatile in showing themselves or not!

I used photopills to plan this shot about 7 months before I took it! I'm happy my people made the program as I too am a Spaniard lol.

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Que bien! The guys are very generous. They answer emails right away... are really encouraging and supportive.

I hadn't known the physics behind airglow. Neato. :)

I got to study in Valencia one summer. Best summer ever! :)