Gold Skull by Jacek Woźniak
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Gold Skull

This is our recent Halloween shoot. It was inspired by a makeup tutorial on how to do gold skull. Paulina spent 2 hours in front f the mirror detailing the skull and I was stressing out on how to light it because, when we took test shoots in between makeup layers, the paint was too shiny. Finally I decided to go with medium size softbox on a boom for symmetric lighting and a small speedlight softbox from below on low power just for the catchlights.

Funny thing is that after I finished editing the pictures with the frequency separation technique, Fstoppers published an article on how people abuse the frequency separation. I mean, really? :) But I knew from the beginning I will use this technique as the shiny paint needed to be treated with separate color and texture layers :)

Full set:
BTS pics:

50mm · f/4.0 · 1/160s · ISO 160
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this is so amazing