In the wild of the morning by Mark Seawell
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In the wild of the morning

I think what brings me back each morning is the wonder. No day is the same, no moment like the other. That can be frustrating sometimes, true, but the fruit from the effort is worth the early rise. Antelope Island, especially in my humble opinion, is at its best during the months of October and November. The light is extraordinary whether in the morning or evening. No bugs to bother you and this calmest that makes you feel at peace. So here I am once the wild of the morning.

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Chris Rosebrough's picture

This is a wonderful composition. I love how you are returning to this same location and finding new and different ways of capturing the stunning beauty of that place.

Mark Seawell's picture

Thanks Chris! I have the great fortune of living in proximity to some gorgeous landscapes. I haunt Antelope Island. :)

Hank Rintjema's picture

I love your title & image! ... and the fact that there were no bugs to bug you... hahaha!

Mark Seawell's picture

Thanks Hank! And trust me the bugs at Antelope Island are pretty fierce in the summer. That is one reason I won't go there during that time of the year.

Hank Rintjema's picture

I know what you mean. When we go wilderness camping it's not the bears or other wildlife that we're worried about... it's the BUGS!

Your images are fantastic. Love black & white!

Mark Seawell's picture

Thanking you!