The Dreamer by David Aguilar
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The Dreamer

Stunning colors in Husfjell peak, Senja Island. This is by far one of my most favorite places of Norway. Heavenly blue fjords and crazy cragged mountains pointing towards the north, great for the midnight sun in summer and northern lights in winter.
When we arrived, the sunset wasn't too special but the blue hour was magnificent. For this shot I lowered the camera and took 6 different frames in the same position. First four for the focus stacking, one for the figure of a chinese guy who luckly wanted to pose in those dangerous cliffs, and last frame for a long exposure of 1 minute to catch the clouds movement.
Hope you like it!

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Ståle Brenden's picture

Wonderful! Lofoten i guess? Seen a lot of pictures like this from that place i think, but the quality of this photograph is just amazing. Well done, as always :)

David Aguilar's picture

many thanks man, really appreciate it! It is from Husfjell peak, an absolutely epic place of Senja ;)

Alberto Moreno's picture

Oh my god

Roger Kristiansen's picture

Wonderful comp and a beautiful image from Senja👍🏻 Great work👏🏻

David Aguilar's picture

Thanks so much Roger!! Glad you like it ;)

Alan Brown's picture

It's great to see such dedication to the art paying off - great job!