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The Approaching Storm

Even at the very end of Summer, the sunrise was around 5am in Lofoten. I woke up at 2am for two mornings in a row to reach this location, hoping for good light. On the first, the view was entirely obscured by clouds. This image is from the second morning. As I reached the top, I saw the breathtaking scene unfold in front of me, and light could be seen on the horizon. This is the moment you see in the image. I was sure an incredible sunrise was on the way, but what you can see on the right side is rain in the distance. This rain was moving towards me, and before the sun could come up, I found myself inside a cloud. Even though I didn't see a sunrise, I am even more happy with how this blue hour image came out. It was such a tranquil scene, yet with a looming storm in the distance -- an incredible thing to witness. The image is a two row panorama of 10 vertical 16mm photos, each one with a 30 second exposure.

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Thanks Rodney!

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As you say breath taking. Much respect and admiration to you for working so hard in getting this shot. I did have to look up where "Lofoten" was though. :)

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Thank you! :)

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Too good..:)

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Thanks Arun!

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Amazing shot! Compliments and happy Xmas!

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Thanks, and happy belated holidays!

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I love it. well composed day to night shot!

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Thank you!

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I already saw so many shots of this locations, but your shot got me. The mood, weather conditions, the decent lights in the town, wonderful work!

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Thanks Lukas! It's always a fear with famous locations that the image will look just like all the others, so I'm glad you like my perspective on it!

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Intoxicating picture beautiful

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oh a first I thought it is pic of an active volcano :D

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Awesome mood