Andrea - Classic B&W by Joseph Tran
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Andrea - Classic B&W

Model portfolio shoot for Andrea Ventura. Image was lit with one strobe in a 72" parabolic umbrella with diffusion cover. Black vflats used to create contrast.

Model: @andreventurrr
Makeup: @courtneypmccormick
Hair stylist: @lipstickandchiffon
Assist: @yiplik_lam

85mm · f/5.6 · 1/160 · ISO 100
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Lukasz J's picture

You can see the background ends (quite distractive). Also I'm not very found of this crate. Unless this is BTS kinda of the photo. Then its fine.

Joseph Tran's picture

Hi Lukas, I left the background elements and apple box in the photo to show BTS set design in the photograph. Thanks for your feedback.