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The wrath of the cyclope

I have visited this place several times during the years but I think that I have never been so lucky like this time.
That morning I headed to Acitrezza, in company of my cousin, and once there we could already see a bit of red tones in the sky, so we went directly to the coast to find the best compositions ever.
After a few minutes, the sky became totally red and those particular colors where ideal for the scene which, besides, I imagined as the perfect scenario of the wrath of the cyclope Polifemo against Ulysses, as narrated in the Odyssey of Homer:
the name of the archipelago of Acitrezza derives indeed from the legend that the seastacks are the stones that Polyfemo threw against Ulysses.

15mm · f/9.0 · 30s · ISO 250
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This is one of the best landscape shots I've seen. Absolutely love it

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Thank you so much for the appreciation of my photo :) this makes me really happy

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Great shot Marco..

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Simply breathless!!!

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Beautiful light and colors!